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Established since 2011, 3 Gifted Minds Education Pte. Ltd. has developed to be a professional education hub. The team is composed of qualified educators who collaborate well with individual students to overcome their academic challenges and propel them to expend their potential wisely to achieve excellence. Learn more about our tutors below.

Our Education Philosophy

The principle goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done - men who are creative, inventive and discoverers.

Jane Piaget on Education

Why 3 Gifted Minds Education is the right choice for you!

At 3 Gifted Minds Education, we strongly believe that every child has the potential and desire to achieve excellence in all their endeavours. Based on this principle, we, as tutors, understand that it is paramount for us to remain committed to support and guide each child towards his or her desires and goals.

Research has shown that children remember and learn best by discovering.  Bearing this in mind, we always allow ample time for our students to discover and present solutions to the various tasks set for them.

We take extra effort in making sense of students’ solutions even when they are imperfect. Thereafter, guiding them towards deriving the perfect answers helps our students develop their self-esteem. They are further reassured that their efforts are respected and accepted.

At 3 Gifted Minds Education, we painstakingly design meaningful assignments for our students. Materials are specially prepared to cater to the specific needs of our students. Thus, we, as tutors, are aware that we have be an expert in our subject domain, nurturing students under our charge and cooperating with them to achieve their desired outcomes.

As a first step towards establishing and developing the above educational philosophy, we pledge to enroll our students without any placement tests.

Considering all of the above guiding principles, we have designed a model whereby the learner and the teacher converge in a common space by cultivating attributes necessary to meet the aspiration – achieving excellence in acquiring knowledge and skills. We, at 3 Gifted Minds Education, are thus confident our students are willing participants in the learning process.

Our Curriculum

English Programme

Our English Programme has been curated to help students develop a strong foundation in English.

Maths Programme

Our Mathematics Programme aims to help students learn to think critically and problem-solve.​

Science Programme

Our Science Programme aspires to inculcate the joy of learning science as a life skill subject.​

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