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Vijay is a full-time tutor and author of English and Mathematics assessment books.

He has 30 years of tutoring experience, having taught many students at the primary and secondary levels.

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Some testimonials from our beloved students!

I think teacher Vijay is just the teacher you’re looking for. Not only does he teach English exceptionally well, he also teaches Maths! I improved a lot for my English and I really like how things have turned out for me.
Mr Vijay has been teaching me Maths since Primary 1. I was rather average in Maths. With Mr Vijay’s guidance, my Maths improved a lot. Mr Vijay teaches problem sum techniques and explains questions I don’t understand very quickly. I encourage more students to learn from Mr Vijay as he is very good in explaining and is very patient.
I am fortunate to have Mr Vijay as my tuition teacher. Since March 2020, he has been a patient and wonderful tutor. Whenever I have doubts during lessons, he will explain and guide me step by step. He provides me with clear, simple solutions and methods when solving Maths problems. At the same time, my English grades have also improved gradually. Mr Vijay will give compliments if I have done well and words of encouragement if I need to improve in some areas. His sessions are very enjoyable and I feel motivated to learn from him everytime.
Mr Vijay has been teaching me since I was in Primary 6. I only started lessons about 6 months before PSLE. Prior to becoming his tutee, I have been failing the subject. Within 6 months he made me improve my grade from a F to a B for PSLE. When I started my secondary 1, he continued teaching me and helped me score A1s all the way. With his guidance, my love for the subject naturally grew and I was offered to take on Additional Maths in Secondary 3. His teaching methods are very effective. He can summarise the concepts in 10 mins making it easier to understand. When examination is around the corner, he provides mock papers for practice. I am very lucky to have been his tutee as it has allowed me to excel in the subject.
I’ve been under the tutelage of Mr Vijay since I was in Primary 3. Mathematics has been my weakest subject, and I have been struggling to pass the examination. This created in me a sense of hatred towards the subject. Fortunately, Mr Vijay taught me how to love the subject and he was extremely patient while teaching me although I took a longer time to grasp the concepts. When I was in Primary 5, my Mathematics grade took a plunge drastically; luckily, with Mr Vijay's guidance, I managed to attain a B for PSLE. When I moved on to Secondary 3, I had once again lost interest in the subject as a result of multiple failures but I'm glad to have had Mr Vijay by my side. With his help, I managed a B3 for 'O' Levels. I've always looked forward to lessons with Mr Vijay because he always made lessons fun, engaging, and knowledgeable. I truly am grateful for his hard work and dedication in teaching me.
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