Science Programme

First prepared in 2019

Our Science Programme aspires to inculcate the joy of learning science as a life skill subject.

Our Science Programme is designed based on the latest MOE Primary Science Syllabus. We aspire to inculcate the joy of learning science as a life skill subject. Science is intertwined closely with our daily lives and thus we believe in forging the love for the subject. As such we ensure that our teaching philosophy and strategy are framed to develop the interests and abilities of our tutees.

 The teaching of Science at primary level especially is based on three key fundamentals of learning that is knowledge acquisition, mastering of process skills and inculcating right attitudes towards exploration. Our teaching pedagogies have assimilated these three keys principles as the central goal. We use a plethora of resources to sharpen our students learning capabilities.

Our teaching approaches focus on two key principles. Firstly, through mastery of Science facts, concepts and theories by way of information acquisition, discussions on experiments and finally reinforcements through questions and answers. We have developed succinct and concise notes with relevant diagrams and explanations of experiments to deepen students’ understanding.

Secondly, through ample practice of questions to help students to remember and recall the definition of science terms, names and functions of parts, and keywords specific to the concepts. These approaches have helped many of our students not only to grasp and retain their knowledge and skills but also develop their interest for the subject.

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