Maths Programme

First prepared in 2011

Our Mathematics Programme aims to help students learn to think critically and problem-solve.

Our Mathematics Programme aims to establish a strong foundation of mathematics in the primary and secondary levels. There is an emphasis on practice to reinforce knowledge of math-facts, which are the building blocks for solving more complicated problems. Lessons are based on concrete facts and examples with an increased emphasis on conceptual understanding to enable students to gradually progress from concrete facts to the underlying abstract ideas, or the ‘logic stage’.

Your child will have access to a range of high quality learning materials and specialised teaching. No matter what learning problems your child is facing at school, we can resolve these issues within time and budget. We can also teach your child new skills, as well as help him or her with tests and home assignments.

Your child will also be taught mathematical heuristics, which are techniques for problem-solving. The simplest heuristic is trial and error, which is not an entirely wrong method of, say, finding the values of variables in algebra problems.

In Singapore, a popular technique used in PSLE for solving problems is the modelling method. Mathematical modelling is the process of formulating and improving a mathematical model to represent and solve real-world problems. Through mathematical modelling, students learn to use a variety of representations of data, and to select and apply appropriate mathematical methods and tools in solving real-world problems.

At O levels, the repertoire of heuristics increases, as do the amount of concepts and skills taught.

Some other examples of heuristics are:

  • To give a representation, e.g. draw a diagram, make a list, use equations

  • To make a calculated guess, e.g. guess and check, look for patterns, make suppositions

  • To go through the process, e.g. act it out, work backwards, before-after

  • To change the problem, e.g. restate the problem, simplify the problem, solve part of the problem

Apart from being able to apply a particular heuristic to solving a Mathematics problem, students would need a prerequisite set of skills and concepts in order to execute the heuristic.

Throughout the course of our Mathematics programme, students will strengthen their conceptual understanding, hone their skills and be trained to identify the appropriate techniques to apply to solve various Mathematics problems. With a personal coach, students will find themselves at ease with problem-solving and become confident to sit for the next major paper.

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